Education and Family Support


Name: Eva Smallegange
Position: Founder
Description: Researcher, behavioral scientist and lecturer.
Personal statement: 'Combining theory and practice is key when aiming to support families and children'.

Eva Smallegange (Msc.), has relevant national and international expertise in conducting evaluation research. Especially the mixed-method approach, in which qualitative and quantitative research methods are combined has her attention.
Since 2003 she is working as a researcher for different organizations (University of Amsterdam, SCO-Kohnstamm Instituut, HealthNet-TPO).

She has relevant clinical experience. She is currently working as a therapist and behavioral scientist with parents and children in difficult family circumstances. Mostly clients have experienced different forms of trauma (war, sexual abuse, family violence).
Conducting individual therapy, group therapy, parental support (groups), diagnostic research and training are part of her work since 2005. 

Insights from both practice and science increase the understanding of underlying working mechanisms with the result that support is formulated from a firm realistic basis. Enhancing the chance of success.

She is the current chair of the research and development committee of Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland and a general member from ISPCAN and NeSPCAN.