Education and Family Support


February 2015

From May till November 2014 Eafs-International conducted a study into the monitoring and evaluation activities of Home-Start Worldwide. 21 countries in which Home Start parenting support is implemented participated in this study. An exploratory study into current practices and perceptions on M&E combined with a needs assessment for future directions and a conference with workshops resulted in the M&E report.

The coming months Eafs-International and Home-Start Worldwide will continue their cooperation and will take a first step in implementing the recommendations from the 2014 study.

!!! NEWSFLASH march 2014 !!!

We are currently collecting funds for the 'Developing parenting support in Burundi' project' through crowdfunding:!/projects/developing-parenting-support-in-burundi

If you prefer to donate directly to Eafs-International to support the project (or because you are experiencing difficulties donating through the onepercent website) you can do so by transferring a donation to the Eafs-International bank account:

NL79INGB0006252964, Eafs-International, ovv 'donation developing parenting support in Burundi project'. 

Thanks for your support!

For our projects we often make use of online questionnaires. We use Surveymoz Online Survey software as our provider.

  • In Februari 2014 eafs-international launched a crowdfunding campaign at the Onepercentclub for their latest project. The project considers development of parenting support in post-conflict Burundi and will be executed in close collaboration with eafs-international's partner organization APRODEM-Girizina. See the project page for more information about the project and how to participate. 

  • 8th of June 2013  the book 'Only in Burundi'  will be launched at the Tropenmuseum at 12.30 pm in Amsterdam! The project started in july 2011 with documentary photographer Anais Lopez is finished with a beautiful book as result. If you would like a copy email to Eva Smallegange ( and she will send you order-details. You are also very much welcome to join the booklaunch June 8th 2013  in Amsterdam!

  • In july 2011 eafs-international founder, Eva Smallegange, and documentary photographer Anais Lopez started their combined project 'Alongside a Burundian road'. They have collected stories from Burundians about their daily life in this post-conflict country. They depart from the strength and willpower of people living nowadays in Burundi. Several publications have appeared in the media:, IS-magazine, Esta and Villa d'Arte. In the first quarter of 2012 Eva and Anais will return to Burundi to continue their project. End of 2012 they plan to publish a book in which the collected stories and photographs will be presented

  • In october 2010 official partnership between eafs-international and APRODEM-Girizina has been establishe. In a general assembly of APRODEM the partnership has been approved. Focus within the partnership will lie on developing (family) support modules for marginalized children in Burundi. Eafs-international will represent the partner organization in the Netherlands and will initially support further development of project proposals.